Ash (finally!) wins a Regional Pokémon league

It’s taken some two decades, but Satoshi – AKA Ash Ketchum – has finally won a Regional Pokémon league, sending the internet in jubilant celebrations.  

The episode in question, the latest from the Sun and Moon series, aired in Japan this weekend passed and saw Ash beat Gladion to become the debut winner of the Alola Region Pokémon League.

With the prevalence of the ‘Ash always loses’ meme, fans might forget that Ash has actually won major tournaments, though none were of the same status as the Regional League competitions.

Needless to say, fans have taken to Twitter to join in the celebrations with celebrities and influencers throwing in their two cents. That included Veronica Taylor, who voiced Ash in the English dub for the first eight seasons of the original Pokémon.

While it’s easy to be cynical and deride Ash for being a two-decade, there’s important lessons to be found in his win. His was a journey of patience and dedication, yet more importantly was how failures were but steppingstones on the pathway to victory and I’ll wager winning was all the sweeter for that.

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1 Comment on Ash (finally!) wins a Regional Pokémon league

  1. Juan Martinez // October 8, 2019 at 08:09 // Reply

    I’m playing pokemon go for a while now and seeing Ash won the Regional League really inspires me more. I’m enjoying getting perfect IVs as of now as I already completed all researches. Congrats to Ash!! Also, great article, thanks!

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