The Rising of the Shield Hero set for the stage

The stage play has become part and parcel of the life cycle of new anime and now The Rising of the Shield Hero is the latest to make the jump from TV to theatre.

The script is being penned by Kaori Moriyama and will be directed by Satoshi Ogita, both of whom are from Bobjack Theater. Kazuki Unebasami of Scissors Blitz is producing, while planning and production is being overseen by Scissors Blitz itself.  

Doubtless this will delight fans of the Isekai series, especially as an additional two seasons of the anime were recently announced by Crunchyroll.

The anime itself is based on the series of popular light novels written by Aneko Yusagi which were themselves originally published as web serials.

For anyone who happens to be in Japan next year, the production will hit the stage at Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall from March 27 – 29 and Theatre Sun-mall in Tokyo from April 2 – 12.

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