Weekly round-up

It’s the triumphant return of our weekly round-up where we compile some of the biggest news stories and posts from around the site you might have missed. But this wouldn’t be weekly round-up without shining a light on some of the best posts from the ani-blogging community.


Injured Kyoto Animation staff no longer in life-threatening condition

All of the staff injured in the devastating attack on Kyoto Animation are thankfully no longer in a life-threatening condition.

Ash (finally) wins a Regional Pokémon league

He did it! He finally did it! Our boy has finally become a Pokémon master!

The Rising of the Shield Hero set for the stage

Love or loathe it, there’s no denying The Rising of the Shield Hero has had a big impact and now the inevitable stage play is on the way.

In the spotlight

Cleaning up my queue: why so many series are left unwatched

I learnt a lot about myself when looking through all the unfinished series and shows I need to start on my watch-list.

Your posts

We’ve read some fantastic posts from the ani-blogging community recently, so here’s a few of a favourites you should definitely check out.

The ever brilliant Irina over at Drunken Anime Blog has written an fascinating insight into why filler is important. We couldn’t agree more!

If Lethargic Ramblings isn’t already your go-to spot for insights into Japanese games, then rectify that immediately. In particular check out his honest and deeply touching post into how Celeste affected him on a personal level, breaking through his self-loathing and anxiety.

Abbieth from Beneath the Tangles, meanwhile, has written an insightful piece about the value of other lives in Princess Mononoke. This one is particularly close to my heart as Princess Mononoke was one of my earliest introductions to anime.

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  1. A bit late in commenting on this one, but Thank you so much for the shout-out guys!

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