Novel series the latest to adapt Yowamushi Pedal manga

There’s no stopping the media juggernaut that is Yowamushi Pedal, and now the cycling manga can clock up another adaption to its growing list.

Iwasaki Shoten, a publisher of children’s books, has joined forces with manga publisher Akita Shoten to release a series of novels adapting Wataru Watanabe’s beloved manga series.

Fans of the manga have another reason to get excited as the novels will feature panels from the manga itself both inside the covers and on the back.

Penned by Shin Suketake, the first two novels will be released in Japan on 15 October, with the next due out in February 2020.

Given Yowamushi Pedal has had a real-world impact inspiring people to take up cycling, these novels will be philanthropic, with the publishers battling the evils of illiteracy.

The series will be marketed at elementary school students who haven’t read the original story or normally don’t read manga.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s always the anime, films, live-action series, spin-off media, video games and our feature exploring how cycling took over motor racing anime.

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