Second season of Fruits Basket announced

Surprising no one, it’s been announced that the second season of the new Fruits Basket anime will air next year.

There’s been no exact date confirmed, but at least we can all rest a little easier knowing it’s in the pipeline for some time in 2020.

It’s also been announced that fan favourites Kakeru Manabe and Machi Kuragi will be making a full appearance in season 2.

They’ll be voiced by Takuya Eguchi (Ore Monogatari!!, given, Kuroko no Basket) and Ai Kakuma (7 Seeds, Aldnoah.Zero, Brave Witches) respectively.  

Unlike the 2001 anime adaption from Studio Deen, this version from TMS Entertainment is adapting the entire story of Natsuki Takaya’s beloved manga. That means there’s a lot more than just the first 25-episode series on the way.

Takaya, who served as executive supervisor on this 2019 series, requested that the new adaption feature an entirely different voice cast and production staff giving it an altogether different look and feel.

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1 Comment on Second season of Fruits Basket announced

  1. I’m so excited! The first season is amazing. It’s also exciting to hear that they will be doing a full adaptation! Not enough anime does this it seems.

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