Weekly round-up


Welcome folks to October’s first weekly round-up. We’re well and truly in the thick of autumn now – or fall, as our cousins across the pond would say. This week we’ve got a few news stories you might have missed, a couple of editorials worth a look, and some great pieces from the community.


Premiere revealed for A Certain Scientific Railgun season 3

Its the franchise that keeps on giving and now the premiere date has been revealed for the third installment in the A Certain Scientific Railgun series.

Manga adaptation lined up for Psycho-Pass 3

© Production I.G.

As if there was any doubt there’d be a manga adaptation of the third series of Psycho-Pass.

In the spotlight

Making a case for isekai

A piece exploring the deeper implications of isekai stories in all their clichéd glory.

What we talk about when we talk about spoilers

Anti-spoiler measures have reached fever pitch for blockbusters and major TV productions but when it comes to anime? Well, it’s just part of being a fan.

Your posts

Here’s your required reading from around the ani-blogging community this week.

Jeko over at Unnecessary Examination Mark has written an essay exploring the UN’s stance on lolicon, the fight for freedom of expression and censorship. It’s an eye-opening and important read that you should check out whatever your views on the matter.

Yuki the Snowman has written an exhaustive and fascinating piece looking at Zombie Land Saga, exploring genre, death and the value of living.

Elsewhere, Iniksbane looks at the poor ways in which film noir treats women and likens that to how women are portrayed in mecha anime, specifically the 1999 series The Big O.

It’s been a bit of a quiet week, but I’m thinking that’s just the calm before the fall season begins in earnest. No doubt it’ll be hectic as we all scramble to watch, review and report on this new crop of shows coming our way.

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