Weekly round-up

Brrr, it’s getting cold for us here in Blighty. And it’s raining, of course. Have you been feeling the chill? Then let us warm you up with the best of this week’s blogging, both here and around the web. If not, heck, come and snuggle up with us anyway. You’re welcome. *wink*


Demon Slayer announces dub cast in new trailer

Today’s the day, all you lucky people who get to watch this on Toonami.

DEVILMAN crybaby director adapting Japan Sinks for Netflix

Netflix Japan have announced that there will be a ten-episode anime based on Sakyo Komatsu’s best-selling sci-fi novel Japan Sinks.

Irregular at Magic High School anime gets second season

If you’re one of those otaku (like us) who just can’t get enough of that good fantasy anime action, prepare to get excited.

In the spotlight

Spirit, strength and gratitude: understanding Buddhism through Hunter x Hunter

If you’d like to know more about Buddhism but don’t know where to start, just look to Hunter x Hunter‘s Netero. Seriously.

Your posts

We love it when our fellow bloggers write cool and insightful stuff. Lucky for us that you pull it out of the bag every single week!

This week, Irina of Drunken Anime Blog gives us an honest and personal insight into the neverending rollercoaster that is ani-Twitter. If you’ve been feeling a bit burned out by life online lately, just go to her for moral support and reassurance that you’re not alone.

Staying on the topic of the double-edged sword that is fandom, Scott’s piece on fanservice and how it can exist alongside female characters’ agency is well worth a read, so head over to Mechanical Anime Reviews for that.

And definitely check out Peach’s Almanac, because this piece has made us fall for Chobits all over again. Taken as an exploration of the positives and potential of AI, it’s quite a wonderful show and Peach really does it justice here.

And thus ends another bracing week of ani-blogging. We can’t wait to see what thrills next week has in store as we head ever deeper into Halloween territory.

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  1. Wow am I in good company…Thank you so much for the mention!


  2. Thank you so much 😁.


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