Weekly round-up

Hey everyone, we’re back again and this week we’re tackling a doozy of an argument. It’s subs vs. dubs time! But no, not like that. We love both equally, just for different reasons. What reasons, we hear you ask? Well, scroll right on and find out.


Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima launches new HERO’S manga

The one and only Hiro Mashima, author of Fairy Tail, had a massive new manga launch this week.

Boruto travels through time in new anime promo

Crunchyroll have released a promo video for the upcoming arc of BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS which has our heads in a spin.

Crunchyroll to co-produce new anime content with WEBTOON

In its latest partnership reveal, Crunchyroll has announced that it’s teaming up with the comics publisher WEBTOON.

In the spotlight

On the necessity of English dubs in anime

Dubs, glorious dubs. Always there for when you’re (almost) too tired to anime. Read what we think on the whole subs vs. dubs debacle and then share your thoughts – we’d love to hear them!

Your posts

Here’s the part where we hand it over to you. Because without your inspiring creativity and commitment, we simply wouldn’t be here. Fact.

We couldn’t even get five minutes into Netflix’s Enter the Anime *shudders*. But reading Leap250’s musings on the documentary has us thinking it might be worth another go, to get to its genuine heart and the interviews by actual anime creators. Or y’know, like Leap said, at least Googling a transcript.

If you ask us, horror is always at its best when it engages our deepest feels as well as our fears. Karandi of 100 Word Anime’s series on what the best horror anime needs has been great so far, but this third part has pointed out a series or two we need to watch.

We are firm believers that ‘escapism’ shouldn’t be considered a dirty word. If you agree, read Scheiguy the Storytella’s piece on chuunibyou and the necessity of fantasy when dealing with harsh reality. If you don’t, just read it. Go on. For the sake of your own sanity.

We’ll sign off there for the weekend, so have a good one folks. What will you be up getting up to? Whatever it is, we wish you the best. See you next week!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my post. I really do appreciate it.


  2. Thanks for the shoutout 🙂
    Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on Enter the Anime if you do decide to give it another go (xD)

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