Weekly round-up

Halloween is right around the corner! We. Are. Excited. We can never resist posting a seasonally accurate piece or two at this time, and this year’s been no different. So for this week’s feature, perhaps you’ll join us in perusing anime’s most imaginative peeks into the afterlife.


Live-action Cowboy Bebop production halts after on-set injury

Disaster on the set of the live-action Bebop, and only weeks after Netflix revealed that production had commenced!

Taika Waititi still plans to direct live-action Akira

Taika Waititi has been encouraging fans to hold hope, as he doesn’t plan to shelve Akira yet.

School-Live! manga ends next month

After a sweet and zombie-filled seven year run, School-Live! is coming to an end. 

In the spotlight

How anime imagines the afterlife

Feeling spooky yet? However you’re feeling in the run-up to Halloween, there’s certainly a mood for you in anime’s many views of the afterlife.

Your posts

We’re not saying this time of year can’t be totally heartwarming, but you lot caught us completely off guard with your feels-inducing blogs this week. Go on and read up. We’ll just be over here feeling all fuzzy and stuff.

Did you read Scheiguy’s piece from last week‘s round-up on the importance of escapism? Well, here’s a spiritual part two from Jenn of Welcome to Hell Zone! about how anime is an invaluable haven from her depression.

To celebrate their eighth anniversary (congrats!) The Infinite Zenith has posted a piece about how to have the most fun when watching, reviewing or otherwise writing about anime. And we can only say yes, yes and yes. (Psst, the secret is a positive outlook.)

And keeping the warm fuzzies at high level here, Emiko of Ramblings N’ Scribbles goes into how we can all find company in the human connections of Fruits Basket.

With that, let us wish you a sweet Halloween in advance. How will you be celebrating? We’re leaving the dressing up to our daughter this year. We couldn’t possibly hope to compete with her super-kawaii little witch look.

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  1. Since there’s less than a week left to Halloween, the time has come to carve a Jack-o-lantern out of the pumpkin we bought. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween!

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