Halloween round-up spooktacular

Because we Tokyo ghouls just want to have fun and see Halloween last forever, we thought, what the heck. Let’s have a bonus round-up for everyone’s creepiest blogs! You’ve been making us chuckle and chilling us down to the marrow all month long, so we wanted to thank you for that by sharing your posts with all our friends and followers. And without further a-whoooooooo…

Your super spooky blogs

Flying Witch Anime Review by Bloom Reviews

Of all the witchy anime out there, this one might just be our favourite. Bloom rightly points out how soothing and iyashikei it is, but don’t be fooled. That mandrake is wailing in our brains for life.

5 More Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes by I Drink and Watch Anime

I know it’s hard to put together that unique costume on a budget, but come on, you can do better than L again this year. Irina has some absolutely ingenious ideas you should bookmark, even for next year if you’ve run out of time for this Halloween.

The Most Only-In-Japan Halloween Costumes Ever by Only in Japan

If you’re still completely stuck for costume ideas, how about going the giant glass of sake or eyeball-head monster route? You’ve got to see these, they’re pretty special.

What Does The Best Horror Anime Need? Part 4 by 100 Word Anime

If you missed any of this series and you love horror anime, be sure to check this one out. It’s a fun look into all the genre’s pitfalls with some great show suggestions besides.

Why We Don’t Have Enough Horror Anime by The Animanga Spellbook

If you’ve ever wondered why anime and horror don’t mingle all that much (and we know we have) check this little ditty out.

5 Freaky Faves: Horror Anime by A Geeky Gal

Finally, if you’re still tweaking your Halloween night watch-list, take a look at Megan’s super freaky faves. Black Butler represent! *Gives virtual high-five*

Our crazy-creepy posts

If that devilish selection from the community has left you wanting more, well, here are some of our best Halloween-y posts.

How anime imagines the afterlife

It’s the time of year to peer beyond the Veil, and into the many anime afterlives that may be waiting for us.

The demonisation of youth culture in Devilman

The still-simmering fear of youth and youth culture is perhaps the number one demon that DEVILMAN crybaby battles against. When you’re done, you could always read our poem based on the show too.

The shame and the power: bloodlines of the anime vampire

From monstrous, to romantic. to homoerotic and beyond – read all about the many manifestations of the anime vampire

Seasons of the witch: the changing nature of witchcraft in anime

This is one of my favourite pieces I’ve written for this blog, and I love the anime witch in its many forms.

We hope you enjoyed this round-up and found some posts to sate your thirst for the spooky. With that, a blessed and happy Halloween to all. And, of course, to all a good fright.

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