Weekly round-up

Hey again everyone, we’re back. As dark November sets in at its most torrential-rainy here, we’re even more glad to have this blog, our little pocket of positivity. So we do hope you’ll join us in catching up with some heartening reads this week. Just scroll down for our latest feature on mental health and water as metaphor, and of course your enlightening and uplifting blogs too.


Gundam creator criticises Shinkai movies for lack of sex

Yoshiyuki Tomino has been on his soapbox about the apparently annoying unsexiness of Makoto Shinkai’s movies.

UPDATE: Arakawa explains Silver Spoon manga’s hiatus

Send all your loving thoughts to Hiromu Arakawa. She’s been going through one hell of a time with sick family while she’s been on hiatus.

Fans are key to the creation of crowdfunded anime Mokuri

The illustrator of Made in Abyss and Kemono Friends’ animation producer are crowdfunding an anime, and they want the fans involved in the adventure.

In the spotlight

From depression to anxiety: water as metaphor in anime

Certain special shows set by the water’s edge, like Free! and given, give us a mirror for our mental illness as well as a safe harbour for healing.

Your posts

We always get by with a little help from our friends. That certainly seems to have been the theme with all the pieces on teamwork and overcoming we’ve loved this week.

As anxious people ourselves this piece from Megan hit home. The fear of the mere idea of failure can be a constant setback, but shows like Welcome to the NHK assure us we can make it if we share our fears and reach out to others.

This blog on Soul Eater and the madness of the Kishin is one in a series from FuckBoiOpinions comparing the anime and manga. This particular post takes an intriguing look at the differences in how the two explore fear.

This last one about the blog-life balance is great for two reasons. One, because Irina’s posts are always little golden nuggets of joy, and two, because Karandi dishes on how she manages to write sooooo flipping much. I mean, seriously. 100 Word Anime broke 4000 posts last week, and we’re in total admiration here.

We’ll leave you with that everyday feeling of triumph for this week. We’re off for a family gathering and fireworks now, so catch you later and have a sparkling weekend.

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