My Favourite Anime: My Hero Academia

For this instalment of My Favourite Anime, Philip from The Otaku Journey shares how My Hero Academia inspires him to become the hero of his own story. And hopefully by the end, can inspire you too.

The (Detroit) smash-hit anime has finally returned in its fourth season. Diehard fans are absolutely ecstatic over the inclusion of anticipated characters like Overhaul, Sir Nighteye and Eri.

Actually, if you concentrate your ears very closely, you could hear the fans yelling “Plus Ultra!” right now. I guarantee one of those voices will be mine.

What seemed like another shonen series rapidly evolved into a global phenomenon. Earning the hearts of otakus worldwide with its lively animation, head-banging music and deeply moving story.

Not since Naruto and Gurren Lagann has an anime inspired me as much as My Hero Academia. The simple, yet effective tale of young Midoriya’s journey to becoming a hero of justice and peace profoundly resonated with me.

Full disclosure: I haven’t read much of the manga besides reading the first volume of the spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. I actually became captivated with the series through the anime back in 2016.

A year I remember as… an emotionally turbulent year for me. I was in my second year of university. I just entered my twenties. I struggled with low self-esteem from constantly comparing myself to others.

My confidence wasn’t much to talk about. Because I barely had any. It didn’t help that I was painfully shy. Especially around women. It’s probably why I instantly connected with young Midoriya’s struggles. And cheered at his triumphs.

Midoriya was born without an ability – or quirk as their known in the series. Very unfortunate in a world where 80% of the population has one.

His whole life Midoriya has been looked down upon just for being quirkless. He suffered bullying from his peer Katsuki Bakugou. Everyone mocked his dreams of becoming a hero. Little do they know, that inside this bright young man, is something more powerful than a quirk.

Bravery. Compassion. Drive.

The exact traits which convinced Midoriya’s idol, All Might, to choose him as his successor. I choke up remembering the moment All Might finally said those legendary words to Midoriya. After years of people crushing his dreams of becoming a hero. (Is that a tear on my spacebar?)

Watching Midoriya grow from the timid, ridiculed kid to the courageous, heroic warrior he is now; gives me hope that I  can become the hero of my own story. A hero who’s driven to accomplish his goals. Embraces life’s struggles. And inspires others.

In this hectic, crazy modern age it’s growing increasingly difficult, near impossible, to remain hopeful. Bleak stories bombard our news feeds every day. Countless issues plague the world. It’s when watching inspiring characters like Midoriya, Mirio and Uraka chase their dreams with such youthful optimism, that I feel my hopeful spark still alight within.

It reminds me of the time I was 17 to 18. When I pursued my passions (video editing, theatre, writing) with the same youthful vigour. Without fear of failure. I’ll harness that fiery energy to rekindle my old passions!

Naruto helped me through my childhood.

Gurren Lagann gave me faith in the human spirit during my teens.

Now My Hero Academia continues to inspire me onwards into my twenties.

I wholeheartedly can’t recommend this series enough. You will experience an assortment of emotions watching this.

My Hero Academia will make you cry, cheer and tremble in fear (THAT scene with Hero Killer Stain still makes my blood curdle).

For anyone whose facing an obstacle in life.

Welcome the challenge.

Grit your teeth.

Smile in determination.

And yell “Go Beyond…

Plus Ultra!!

You can hit Philip up on Twitter and Facebook, and don’t forget to check out his blog.

1 Comment on My Favourite Anime: My Hero Academia

  1. Hi! I love this blog of yours! I’ve already watched this anime and it also inspired me about Deku despite of being a quirkless he is able to accomplish his dream of being a hero. One of the famous line in this anime is the “Plus Ultra” which mean go beyond or surpass your limit. Hope to see more reviews.


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