Weekly round-up

Hello there everyone! This week we’ve finally been getting in on the whole Garden of Sinners series. And what took us so long? We’ve loved Fate/stay for ages and now we’re thinking Kinoko Nasu is some kind of story mage. Keep your eyes peeled for our review in the very near future. Meanwhile, we’ve also been pontificating on what makes a mecha anime great, so we hope you enjoy our quickfire post for this week.


Shonen Jump’s first female editor would need to “understand the hearts of boys”

Shonen Jump has never had a female editor in its entire 50-year history. Sadly that doesn’t seem likely to change in the near future.

One Piece editor not so sure that manga will end in five years

One Piece editor Takuma Naito doesn’t think the manga will end in five years as Oda claims.

ERASED author begins new manga this month

Finally, the latest issue of Kodansha’s Evening magazine announced that a new story is coming from ERASED creator Kei Sanbe.

In the spotlight

Metaphor is more than mecha

Dominic argues that if a mecha show is truly great, the mecha are the least important part.

Your posts

People. People, you’re doing it again. Stop making us think such frustratingly deep and spiralling thoughts about otaku stuff. Stahp. (Not really, we love it.)

BlerdyOtome wrote a great piece that explores the disturbing and harmful storylines of some otome games. We’re right there with you on this one – it’s disgraceful that ‘it’s okay because romance’ still pervades media in general, excusing male characters for their abusive and otherwise icky behaviour.

Tiger Anime struck a similar note to our own mecha article this week. This one takes a more broad dive into why Tiger struggles to like mecha these days, and why the genre might be falling out of favour with modern viewers.

Will we ever tire of picking apart Kill la Kill? Not likely. Dave the Overage Otaku gave us this exciting piece on its use of the power of three to chew on for a while. And so this series’ analytical possibility plunges ever down into the murky abyss of frothing fandom.

After all that, we want to get our nerdiest glasses on and while away the weekend with our otaku studies. How about you, do you have any plans? Let us know, and see you next week!

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