Weekly round-up

Hello again friends and fellow bloggers! This busy month seems to have come to a height for us. There’s so much anime (and Star Wars!) to be watching amidst our Christmas preparations that there hardly seems time to draw breath. But let’s all take a breath together now and take stock of the week that’s been, because there’s plenty to look back over. Ready? And, breathe.


Captain Harlock creator Leiji Matsumoto recovers after suspected stroke

After an event in Italy, Leiji Matsumoto had to be hospitalised under critical condition. But not to worry, because his condition quickly improved.

NisiOisiN’s Bishonen novels get anime adaptation

A new monster is rising, by which we mean a new NisiOisiN anime adaptation.

Natsunagu! anime supports Kumamoto’s earthquake recovery efforts

A full-length TV anime is being made to support revival efforts following the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. 

In the spotlight

No handicap to heroism: how anime portrays disability

Having a disability is often framed as something which makes an anime character stronger. But as far as true representation is concerned, Japan has to do a lot better.

Your posts

Did everyone get together behind our backs and plan to write the positive antidote to our feature or something? Because you have absolutely brightened our week with these posts.

Aria of The Animanga Spellbook gave us food for thought with a piece on the joys of following a manga purely for its stylistic evolution. You shonen readers out there should especially like this one.

This week BiblioNyan put out a rather lovely first impression of the new season of Chihayafuru. The insight Yon Nyan gave us into the poetry of karuto, as well as their feelings on the beauty of youth, really brightened our day.

And while there are still areas where anime could be doing better, Casper reminds us that the LGBTQ movement is alive and well. If you still need a reason to smile this week, look no further.

Have a happy Saturday you wonderful writerly people. We wish you all a warm and bright weekend. Let’s catch up next week!

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