Weekly round-up

We were so happy to let you lot see our reviews for both Garden of Sinners and the 2019 Fruits Basket this week. It never stops being exciting to see your responses, not least to our piece on the representation of disability in anime. It warms our hearts to know you find our takes on such difficult topics so ripe for discussion. It just makes us smile that you share our work. And speaking of sharing, let’s look at the key news and blogging from this week.


Demolition soon to begin on Kyoto Animation Studio 1


Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1, which was devastated by the arson attack in July, will undergo demolition as of 2020. 

Fairy Tail RPG gets exploring in new gameplay preview

To tide all eager fans over until its 2020 release, Koei Tecmo have released a short Fairy Tail gameplay video.

Lupin the Third: The First movie reveals its thrilling opening sequence

This newest chapter in the Lupin III franchise has revealed its opening sequence prior to its December release.

In the spotlight

No handicap to heroism: how anime portrays disability

Having a disability is often framed as something which makes an anime character stronger. But as far as true representation is concerned, Japan has to do a lot better.

Your posts

It’s always great to come out of a week wiser than you were going in, and we’ve learned a lot from our blogging friends this week. So do your souls and brains a favour and read these brilliant pieces.

We’re big fans of anyone who can teach us something new about anime, no matter what it is. This week, it turned out Starchaser taught us about the ‘ahegao’ (basically orgasm-face) meme. Where does it *ahem* come from? Why is this a thing? Why are we still here asking these questions when you could have already read this piece and found out?

The two of us are definitely in the ‘reading too much into things‘ tribe along with Alex of The Afictionado. This piece celebrates and reminds us that if you’re queer and you read a text as queer, then it’s queer! Hooray! And let no one take your headcanons from you.

Speaking of reading stuff into things – still thinking about Devilman crybaby? So is Matthew of Sakura Sunrise, showing us we can always go back and read even more stuff into things so we like it more than we did before. A huge yay for that too.

It’s hurrahs all around this Saturday as we enjoy a weekend off from parenting. Thank goodness for grandparents. We hope you all get some good relaxation time in, if not this weekend then in the very near future. See you later folks!

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