Code Geass and Black Butler creators team up for ice-skating anime

Are we ready for this after Yuri!!! on ICE? We’re not sure, but it’s happening anyway. J.C. Staff have announced their upcoming original anime Skate-Leading Stars, named after a team sports offshoot of figure-skating called ‘skate-leading’. Code Geass creator Goro Taniguchi and Black Butler mangaka Yana Toboso are teaming up for this one as chief director and original character designer, respectively. Now excuse us while we do some deep breathing.

The cast stars Attack on Titan and Fate/stay night‘s Hiroshi Kamiya, Dr. Stone‘s Makoto Furukawa and Fruits Basket (2019)‘s Yuma Uchida. Going in order down the characters featured in the promo art, they respectively voice Reo Shinozaki, Hayato Sasugai, and Kensei Maeshima.

Now, the only question is what to expect from this show besides competitive high-school skate-leading. It’s doubtful whether it will pick up the slack where Yuri‘s queer-baiting is concerned, as Taniguchi and Toboso both have their flaws where LGBTQ representation is concerned. But all in all this already looks like fun, so we’re on board. How about you?

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2 Comments on Code Geass and Black Butler creators team up for ice-skating anime

  1. RisefromAshes // December 4, 2019 at 23:43 // Reply

    I’m not going to be holding out for a second “Yuri on Ice!!” moment, but this should be interesting!

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  2. Ok. Goro Taniguchi and ice skating? I will buy into this if it starts with reckless fire.

    Liked by 1 person

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