Weekly round-up

We’ve been in a Harry Potter kind of mood lately – must be all that festive spirit in the air. So we captured that and fed a little bit into our latest feature, on the magic school in anime and how it’s been adapted from YA and children’s literature. So go on and enjoy the read, then keep on scrolling for the best writing of the past seven days from our lovely community.


Lupin III and Captain Harlock’s Makio Inoue passes away

We are so sad to report that Captain Harlock seiyu Makio Inoue has passed away at the age of 80.

Code Geass and Black Butler creators team up for ice-skating anime

Are we ready for this after Yuri!!! on ICE? We’re not sure, but it’s happening anyway.

Fairy Tail RPG announces March worldwide release

Hot on the heels of a gameplay preview and its first full trailer, the Fairy Tail RPG has announced its worldwide 2020 release date.

In the spotlight

Young rebel magicians: the magic school in anime

Going to magic school has been adopted by anime from children’s stories about finding strength and belonging. There’s often just one caveat – you have to make your own way there.

Your posts

What a plethora of pieces from around the worldwide weeb we have for you this week. You people took us on a journey from existential thought experiments right through to dreamy happy sweetness. Go on and read for yourselves and you’ll see what we mean.

Irina wrote an intriguing blog about the rise of ‘existential drift‘ in anime – that being the phenomenon of losing our connections to ourselves and others in an increasingly technological world. We love this piece and the term, partly because they might give you a little clue to the topic of our next feature *wink*.

The ever lovely LitaKino was blogging about boys’ love and belonging this week. While running through some of the BL relationships she most appreciates, she talks about loneliness and the struggle to fit in in a most genuine and moving way. By now, we wouldn’t expect any less from her.

Last of all, here’s a gorgeous Sailor Moon piece to float you into your weekend. Tor’s Ryan La Sala explores how the beauty of Usagi Tsukino and her anime are simply, sweetly healing.

With that, we’ll wish you sweet daydreams and a wonderful weekend to come. Enjoy yourselves everyone, and as always we’ll catch up with you next week.

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