Weekly round-up

It’s a good week as an aniblogger-slash-reviewer when you can get excited over the giant haul of discs coming in for the New Year’s slate. One Punch Man, Code Geass *and* Saga of Tanya the Evil? Yes please! It looks like 2020 might shape up to be a brilliant year if those early UK releases are anything to go by. Hope you’re ready for an avalance of reviews come January and February, but for now, on with a look back at this week’s blogging.


Re:ZERO second season coming 2020

Well friends, after last week’s reveal of Yuri!!! on ICE’s skating spiritual successor, the inevitable has happened once again. 

Akira live-action remake no longer on Warner Bros. schedule

Despite director Taika Waititi’s assurances that he’s not giving up on his Akira, Warner Bros. may have other plans.

Project Sakura Wars anime announces April premiere

SEGA announced that the anime based on the Project Sakura Wars game will premiere in April.

In the spotlight

My wish for a slice-of-life Dragon Ball series

Can we get a heck yeah for this?

Your posts

You lot always seem to know how to write a blog that inexplicably tugs our heartstrings. You’re always so inspiring in reminding us that we are otaku for these moments when we can share emotions, whether they’re positive, negative or somewhere in between.

If we know anything about anime, manga or light novels, we know that wisdom can be drawn from the most unusual places. This little piece from Jeskaiangel of Beneath the Tangles pulled a wonderful message from Obsessions of an Otome Gamer, especially as a new year draws near – that we can always change for the better.

We can sympathise with Zeria’s thoughts on the state of sequel culture in anime. It can be tough to write about your relationship to a show, its stories and characters if neither of these are, well, complete.

And speaking of unfinished shows, KawaiiPaperPandas has posted a touching tribute to drama anime that celebrates its showing us who we are. Oh, Nana. Will we ever see you completed? On a brighter note, congratulations Ayano on your three-year blogiversary!

We’re afraid it’s now time for us to dash off to another pre-Christmas family get-together, but have a jolly weekend everyone. See you again next week!

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