Weekly round-up

Hello, happy New Year, and welcome back. We’re excited to hear from you all again as we blog our way into this new decade! January can be a double-edged blade of a month, full of hope and gratitude yet a bit of a post-holiday comedown at the same time. So most of all, we wanted to cheer you up and cheer you on with the best stuff we’ve been posting and reading this week.


Higurashi When They Cry announces new anime project

Higurashi When They Cry will be taking a stab at a new animation, it was announced this week.

Spike Spiegel actor talks keeping it weird in live-action Cowboy Bebop

The live-action Cowboy Bebop is on the back burner after John Cho’s on-set injury, but he’s been well enough lately to chat about his role as Spike. 

Death Note manga returns with first new chapter in 12 years

Since the last Death Note one-shot in 2008, the human realm has been restlessly waiting for more. Now the wait is almost over.

In the spotlight

A strange way out: hikikomori in anime

The reality of hikikomori is often very different to the fantasy presented in anime. But between the silly and supernatural portrayals of this social phenomenon, sometimes a thoughtful gem peeps through.

Your posts

All our reading recs for this week show our community either setting amazing goals for the year, or just kicking it off in style. Keep up your strong blogging games folks, we can’t wait to see what else you write in the months to come.

Whether or not you made any resolutions for 2020, we can always aim to be a bit kinder and more understanding than last year. Shay Taree made a video about Orihime from Bleach as an empathy idol, going into her own struggles with being empathetic towards everyone, not just loved ones. This was a great way to set a good intention for our year ahead.

If you’re just looking to watch more great anime this year or try something new, you couldn’t go far wrong with following Blerdy Otome’s recommendation and watching Haikyu!!. This piece brought back happy memories of punching the air (or just about anything in reach) like we were a couple of football nuts watching this show. It is amazing. And it will make you care more about volleyball than anything else ever.

And last of all, well…we never thought this would be one of our first features of the decade, but we love that you lot surprise us so often. Scott had the brilliant idea of exploring all the weird magical healing in shonen anime. Need we say more?

After that, we hope you can head on into your weekends with a smile. However your year is going so far, keep your head up – you’re doing just fine.

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