Toei unveils new Digimon Adventure anime

Prepare to step back in time for the new Digimon Adventure: anime series just announced by Toei Animation. The series is set to air from April 2020, and Toei’s YouTube posted an English trailer to go with the announcement.

Directed by Masato Mitsuka, the new anime will focus on little fifth-grade Tai and Agumon in 2020 Tokyo. However, the true nature of this anime remains a mystery. It is yet to be confirmed whether this is will be a remake or an alternate-timeline retelling of the original Digimon Adventure. The only thing differentiating the new show from its 1999 predecessor is the rather subtle colon closing out its title.

According to the series’ synopsis, this is how the story begins:

2020 AD.

Networks are now an integral part of human life. But humans are unaware that beyond the network an infinite world exists. The digital world. And the creatures called Digimon that live there…

A large-scale network failure occurs in the Tokyo metropolitan area. A flickering signal or garbled screens are prevalent. The news report that it’s cyber terrorism.

The main character is Taichi Yagami, a fifth-grader living in a tower apartment near Tokyo.

He was home alone to prepare for the weekend summer camp. His mother and sister, Hikari, were on their way to Shibuya but got stuck on an affected train with failed brakes. Taichi hurries to Shibuya to help his mother and sister, but the moment he heads to the platform at the station-

A mysterious phenomenon overtakes the “DigiDestined,” transporting Taichi to the digital world! The children meet their partner Digimon and embark on an unknown “adventure!”

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  1. As much as I like the original kids, I’d still kinda prefer a Tamers sequel.

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