littleanimeblog.com was founded on the idea of discussing anime in perceptive ways with like-minded fans. It has since evolved into a platform exploring anime from critical and unusual angles, with an emphasis on sexuality, technology, mental health and other social issues.

As well as providing critical insights through regular features, we’re also a one stop shop for news on anime and manga. From industry rumours to the latest trailers, casting announcements and just plain WTF, we strive to keep you in on industry updates as they happen.

We maintain links with all of the UK’s major anime distributors to bring you reviews of the latest DVDs and Blu-rays ahead of their release dates. These range from the newest shows to cult classics and seminal favourites.

As we’re both published poets, we also take our favourite characters and shows and turn them into poetry. So whether it’s an ode to a beloved senpai or a meditation on the plot of a profound series, there’s plenty to get stuck into.

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