Review: BLAME!

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Anyone’s anxieties over the all-seeing eye of the Internet of Things are justified in BLAME!, a future in which the AI has assumed control, deems humans poisonous life forms and becomes the epitome of our worst mistakes. Humans had begun to construct cavernous cities, presumably after the surface world became overpopulated or unliveable, and once […]

Fate Grand Order - Mash Kyrielight

Review: Fate/Grand Order – First Order

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Little did we know that in 2016, the human species would have been destroyed if not for a Master and his Demi-Servant. This humanity knew through the Chaldea, a celestial oracle shining out the future of our survival. The root of mankind’s demise, a ravaged temporal bubble in Fuyuki circa 2004, the time of the […]

The cute corruption of the anime zombie

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Zombies provide an outlet for that most mortal of fears and fascinations; death, and what comes after. It’s a universal thread that’s tugged by all cultures, linking all human thought. This gives the walking dead a power that transcend interpretive borders; for instance, between anime and the western viewer. Subtleties of language and cultural significance […]

Grave of the Fireflies

Darkly dreaming: the legacy of Isao Takahata

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Studio Ghibli has been a powerful part of both of our lives as otaku, inspiring nightmares, empowerment and the hope that we can each be heroes in our own way. It’s safe to say that its legacy wouldn’t have held quite the same place in our hearts without co-founder Isao Takahata, whom we have sadly […]


Escaflowne director unveils new original anime

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For the first time since Noein: to your other self, Kazuki Akane is working on a new original anime. The director of the majestic mecha series Escaflowne tweeted that he is the creator of the original work, as well as taking on scriptwriting and directorial duties. At the centre of the anime will be a […]

Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service author wins prestigious literature award

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The author who first put delivery witch Kiki on her broomstick has been awarded a great honour for her enduring contributions to children’s literature. The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) recognised Eiko Kadano with the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing, considered equal in prestige to the Nobel Prize in Literature. […]

papi lays an egg monster musume

Making sense of my pregnancy through anime

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It’s not just strangers, family or friends who see me differently now; every aspect of my life and view of myself has been altered by the fact that I’m a mother. During pregnancy, I’d wonder about the magnificent and cruel world around me, and how I’d teach my daughter its better lessons as a guard […]

Taking a bite of anime’s after-school snacks

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No matter how bad the school day has been, whether rejected by a crush, your club on the brink of closure or keeping your supernatural double life hidden against all odds, a feel-good snack can come to the rescue in record time. Anime is a veritable menu of choice nibbles for characters as a coming […]