Fairy Tail - Lucy Heartfilia

Weekly round-up

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Happy Saturday, happy round-up, and hugs all around. We hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Days, and even if not, found some warmth and happiness in anime and comfort food. This week, we bring you the cast of the live-action My Brother’s Husband being adorable, the new Japanese voice of our beloved Bulma, and the pieces we most […]

Dragon Ball Super - Bulma

Update: Dragon Ball’s Bulma officially recast

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As Super winds down, Vegeta and Bulma are taking ad work plugging a Dragon Ball bath cleaner. Vegeta’s Japanese voice still sounds like the old Ryo Horikawa, but it’s his long-suffering bride Bulma who’s been causing the biggest stir. Since Bulma’s voice actor Hiromi Tsuru suddenly passed away last year, it’s to be expected that the […]

Anime Love

Lyrics for lovers: our favourite anime love songs

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Sometimes, just a few lyrics can perfectly encapsulate something you never even knew you wanted to say. A song shared with someone you love can tie those words or that melody to that person for life, no matter the time or distance apart. Through this same power, music can give anime a resonance with our […]

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online live-action series bought by Netflix

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After a long sleep mode since the live-action Sword Art Online series got announced in 2016, there’s been rumblings in the database now the show has been bought by Netflix. In an interview with Collider, screenwriter and producer Laeta Kalodigris said this would not erase its Japanese origins, and that “Kirito and Asuna will be […]

Alita - Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel movie pushed back to December

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Alita has hit a slight snag in rebooting, and so James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel has been pushed back. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that, rather than being released on July 20th as planned, the live-action adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita manga will now get its wide theatrical release on December 21st, […]

My Brother's Husband vol. 1

My Brother’s Husband drama gets first glimpse of cast in character

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The live-action TV adaptation of Gengoroh Tagame’s My Brother’s Husband is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a first look at the cast in character. The main visual for the LGBT family drama introduces Estonian ex-sumo wrestler Baruto Kaito as Mike, Maharu Nemoto as Kana, and Ryota Sato as Yaichi. As you may well be able to spot, […]

Dragon Ball Z - Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan

Review: Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 5 – The Broly Trilogy

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It’s another day in Goku and Chi-Chi’s domestic bliss, stuck in the parents’ interview queue for private school admissions. It’s all Gohan’s mama can do to stop Daddy blabbing his penchant for punch-ups, thereby ruining his son’s chances of getting a better education. Perhaps it’s fortunate that the wrath of a legendary Super Saiyan interrupts […]

crepe service in Is the Order a Rabbit?

The story of anime’s crêpe craze

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In anime land it often seems like every day is pancake day, with any old shopping excursion or school trip winding up at a crêpe stand. But each craving you’ve endured in seeing a mountain of whipped cream and strawberries bursting from its light, fluffy, comfortably handheld confines is all thanks to Japan’s love of […]


Bleach animation director Hiroki Takagi passes away

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Even since its ending, Bleach has been a constant in the hearts of otaku everywhere. It’s the same for us, so we’re sad to bring news that Bleach animation director Hiroki Takagi passed away earlier this month. Patlabor co-creator Masami Yuuki, a close friend of Takagi’s, released a public announcement that the animator had died. He said […]

Hakumei and Mikochi

Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

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If only the Earth’s generosity could be considered enough for each day to be fruitful, we might be able to live in Hakumei and Mikochi’s world. It is this understated utopia, a dream of smaller aspirations, which loops between the show’s contained stories and crafts its moral of simple contentment, piece by piece. In all […]


Kemono Friends director announces sci-fi series Kemurikusa

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Kemono Friends fans have been tying their tails in knots over what director TATSUKI could possibly do post the safari smash. But all has been revealed, TATSUKI and studio Yaoyorozu announcing a full TV anime for the 2010 short sci-fi film Kemurikusa. It was Tatsuki himself who produced the earlier Kemurikusa, in which two girls […]


Weekly round-up

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Hello there! This week’s been all go for Gun Gale Online, Cutie Honey and a brand new Sherlockian anime from the director of Voltron: Legendary Defender. What with that and all the great blogging and podcasting you’ve been doing, it’s hard to know where to start! Oh yes, that’s it – with the best of the news. News Bleach […]