Black Butler - Ciel's mark of contract

Classics corner: Black Butler

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Dark and dirty in the streets and stately homes of Victorian England, Black Butler flirts with demons on far more levels than the theological. It’s the kind of series that charms the viewer into a false sense of security with slapstick comedy, food porn and sprinklings of ecchi until, somehow, we’re locked in face to […]

Classics corner: Afro Samurai

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We’ve explored the unlikely influence of anime on hip hop before, but what about the other way around? Mangaka Takashi Okazaki took his love of hip hop and western media and wound up creating Afro Samurai at the turn of the century. Initially obscure, the series was given a new lease of life after studio […]

Classics corner: Elfen Lied

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Welcome to classics corner, our brand new feature where we get stuck into some of anime’s best and brightest offerings. The only caveat, they have to have clocked up at least ten years. If there’s a specific series you’d like us to review, let us know in the comments. Elfen Lied is infamous among anime fans […]