What’s in the bag: ani-blogger’s survival kit

Every Pokétrainer worth their salt knows that going out in the long grass without a bag or backpack is tantamount to jumping headlong into the abyss. Inside you’ll find a veritable reservoir of Poké Balls, potions, berries and more – everything the discernible catcher needs out in the field. And so it is with ani-bloggers. I could hardly conceive of leaving the house without my … Continue reading What’s in the bag: ani-blogger’s survival kit

Poem: Genetic synthesis

  The sun god abandoned his chariot, leaving man alone with his avarice. And after the calamity when man fled the atmosphere, his shadow, a lonely formless thing, tried to fill a shape it couldn’t find. Paradise domed over, the dignity of a failed machine half buried in scorched earth. Wandering god, stranger in his own home, where the prodigal son finds faith in synthetics. … Continue reading Poem: Genetic synthesis

Calling all ani-bloggers – my favourite anime

If you’re anything like me, than you’ll obsess over lists and forensically dissect the ins and outs of your favourite anime. Having a definitive favourite is in itself somewhat miraculous, and I often struggle with my own top ten, nevermind what holds the top spot. One month I’ll be convinced Cowboy Bebop is my one and only, while another it might get usurped by Ergo … Continue reading Calling all ani-bloggers – my favourite anime