Kids on the Slope

The odd couple: our favourite unlikely anime friendships

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Friendship doesn’t always make perfect sense on the surface. Many a time, it’s only in reflecting on where we’ve been and how we’ve grown together that we realise why our bonds have stayed so strong. Despite the ridiculous arguments and petty differences, the obstacles overcome keep true friends connected across all distances. So it is […]

Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card

Revival reveries: our top five anime that need a sequel

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Who would have thought we’d be hanging out with Cardcaptor Sakura again, after all this time? It’s a special feeling to be reunited with a show and characters that meant so much to so many of us in our younger otaku years. The trouble is, this ecstatic return has opened our hearts to mourning the […]

Sailor Moon Crystal - Uranus and Neptune

Love, acceptance, anime: an LGBT History Month round-up

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This LGBT History Month brought the whole aniblogging community together to celebrate queerness in anime. LGBTQ inclusion and acceptance is a matter that’s close and personal to both of us here at the blog, and so we’ve experienced many wonderful moments in sharing this month with all of you. Thank you for your comments and […]

Simple pleasures: our favourite foodie anime

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Food is a basic requirement for life, but that simplicity has the power of telling our most personal stories, while bringing us together under that human need. It’s the same in anime as in our everyday, the universal pleasures of cooking and eating opening up to powerful narratives of healing, sharing and growing. On an […]

Nier Automata

Ready player none: five video games we want to see as anime

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American production studios are starting to dig deep in the video game archives for their anime-inspired cartoons (hey there, Castlevania). But there are still so many titles we have the hankering to see on our TV screens, given a new lease of life and motion as Japanese animations. As soon as the two of us […]

Anime Love

Lyrics for lovers: our favourite anime love songs

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Sometimes, just a few lyrics can perfectly encapsulate something you never even knew you wanted to say. A song shared with someone you love can tie those words or that melody to that person for life, no matter the time or distance apart. Through this same power, music can give anime a resonance with our […]

Revolutionary Girl Utena

All for love: five heroic queer couples in anime

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Some loves show us the kind of acceptance we should display to everyone; selfless and open-hearted, without fear or pride. As two people who have each been afraid to express our identities, these queer couples define how we want to embrace ourselves and others. With our daughter close to coming into the world, it means […]


The pop team: our favourite four-panel anime

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The four-panel manga uses the most basic of frameworks to fire off gags at startling pace, as well as offering unexpected, haiku-like views into life’s little dramas. It’s all on that third step of what’s known as Kishoutenketsu structure; the climax, an unforeseen development. Like or loathe it, the web-yonkoma-turned-anime Pop Team Epic uses the four steps […]

After all these years: ten anime turning ten in 2018

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Some anime only grow in our love and all they mean to us as the years go rushing by, and so it is for all of these anime turning ten this year. Some of these series are personal favourites, some might count among yours, but we think anyone’s certain to find a shiny new treasure […]

Dad goals: our favourite anime fathers

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While I hadn’t envisioned becoming a father in my twenties, news of our expanding family has left me elated. Now I can’t wait for the little one to arrive on scene. They say becoming a parent changes the way you view the world, and already I’m watching father-child relationships in a whole new light. But […]

Idiots rule: our favourite anime dunderheads

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As someone a bit prone to airheadedness myself, I have a soft spot for characters who wear their fool’s colours with pride. Anime is packed with champions and their irreplaceable comrades who prove that having the fastest brain isn’t all-important in achieving your goals. As you’re about to see, a pure, kind heart and keeping […]

Going gaga: our top five cutest anime babies

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They’re loveable, supremely snuggable, and the sweetest reminder of all the unconditional adoration we took for granted back when we were gurgling cherubs. But here’s to all the shameless, vicarious spoiling we’ll be foisting on our own precious bundle very soon. With our daughter on the way in two months’ time, the perfect chibi features […]