Review: BLAME!

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Anyone’s anxieties over the all-seeing eye of the Internet of Things are justified in BLAME!, a future in which the AI has assumed control, deems humans poisonous life forms and becomes the epitome of our worst mistakes. Humans had begun to construct cavernous cities, presumably after the surface world became overpopulated or unliveable, and once […]

Fate Grand Order - Mash Kyrielight

Review: Fate/Grand Order – First Order

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Little did we know that in 2016, the human species would have been destroyed if not for a Master and his Demi-Servant. This humanity knew through the Chaldea, a celestial oracle shining out the future of our survival. The root of mankind’s demise, a ravaged temporal bubble in Fuyuki circa 2004, the time of the […]

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn - Gogeta vs Janemba

Review: Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 6 – Fusion Reborn / Wrath of the Dragon

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A spiritual waste spill at the check-in point between Heaven and Hell sets the evil dead free to walk among the living. So commences this film duette’s final all-killer-no-filler flourish, beginning with Fusion Reborn in the last of the Dragon Ball Z Movie Collections. As the dearly departed, vampires and Hitler ooze, float and tank […]

Dragon Ball Z - Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan

Review: Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 5 – The Broly Trilogy

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It’s another day in Goku and Chi-Chi’s domestic bliss, stuck in the parents’ interview queue for private school admissions. It’s all Gohan’s mama can do to stop Daddy blabbing his penchant for punch-ups, thereby ruining his son’s chances of getting a better education. Perhaps it’s fortunate that the wrath of a legendary Super Saiyan interrupts […]

Review: Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

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For some, the magic of Pokémon never really went away, but even stalwarts have to agree that the success of Pokémon GO was a shot in the arm, giving the veritable franchise its second wind in the mainstream. I Choose You! is an exercise in nostalgia, serving to celebrate two decades of this franchise. As […]

Matoi the Sacred Slayer

Review: Matoi the Sacred Slayer

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Matoi Sumeragi has the simplest of wishes, for her delicate adolescence to be normal. But this dream has been impossible since her mother mysteriously vanished, leaving just her and her father to look out for one another. Even with the shadow of grief without closure looming over their every day, it’s about to become a […]

Review: Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

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Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions was one of the more middling titles on the Winter 2016 slate and up against some pretty stiff competition in Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Erased and Ajin. But it’s the earlier Sword Art Online that tends to overshadow the series. While both were produced by A-1 Pictures, the similarities all but […]

Review: Sword of the Stranger – Collector’s Edition

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Kotaro has been learning to live for himself since his only protector, the monk Shouan, bid him to flee alone from their faceless pursuers. The young orphan boy is wanted for his blood, the key to a mystic medicine which will bring immortality. Sengoku-era Japan is rent with war against the Chinese, a savage landscape […]

Review: Hyouka – Part 1

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Right from the get go, and under the glittering façade of Kyoto Animation’s visuals, we’re introduced to jaded highschooler Hotaro Oreki, who sees himself in shades of grey. Imagine that instead of being simply listless, Tanaka-kun was nihilistic, and you’ve got a fair approximation of Oreki, who shuns school clubs, romances and almost everything else […]

Review: Dragon Ball Super – Season 1 Part 2

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The start of Dragon Ball Super arrived with such fanfare, fans could scarcely believe they’d be treated to the continuing screen adventures of Goku and co. While the reception was overwhelmingly positive, it was hard not to feel a little aggrieved with the first half of the inaugural season retelling the events of 2013’s Battle […]