Rin solo camping by Mt Fuji in Laid-Back Camp

Why watch … Laid-Back Camp?

I wish I could have been a bit more like Rin when I was her age. She knows solitude doesn’t have to mean loneliness, or boredom, or helplessness. Getting away for a solo camping trip gives her time and space to reflect, warm up by the cheering light of a campfire and treat herself. In those times, her internal voice reveals some of what she’s … Continue reading Why watch … Laid-Back Camp?

Why watch... Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Why watch … Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens?

A departure from the monochrome and long shadows of film noir, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens is an exuberant and vividly animated crime show. It’s set in a city with a disproportionate number of hitmen organisations and business is booming. The neon lights blur and bleed, and the city comes alive to the sound of acid jazz, making the nocturnal scenes a delight to behold. On a … Continue reading Why watch … Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens?

Hakumei and Mikochi

Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

If only the Earth’s generosity could be considered enough for each day to be fruitful, we might be able to live in Hakumei and Mikochi’s world. It is this understated utopia, a dream of smaller aspirations, which loops between the show’s contained stories and crafts its moral of simple contentment, piece by piece. In all Hakumei and Mikochi’s titular little folk set out to do, … Continue reading Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

Why watch … A Place Further than the Universe?

The connections we make in life, however powerful, rarely run parallel. Instead, a network of experiences intersect and part ways time and again. We will all feel the shock of leaving home, or saying goodbye to old friends, setting out on a path where the end point is indeterminable. A Place Further Than the Universe acknowledges how unique that time is for everyone, assembling a … Continue reading Why watch … A Place Further than the Universe?