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We’re currently on the lookout for bloggers to shout about their favourite anime. Our My Favourite Anime series asks our blogging buddies what their favourite show is and why. It sounds simple, but picking a favourite is hard work. If you somehow manage to pick one, hit us up with an email and we’ll get you added as a contributor.

Writers deserved to get paid for their efforts, and as we’re both professional writers, we know that it’s far from easy. Although we can’t afford to pay our writers just yet, we can offer an engaging avenue for your thoughts and an excellent readership, including distributors and a host of awesome ani-bloggers. Of course, we’ll link back to your own blog or website and any social media sites.


Here at littleanimeblog, we’re all about coming at anime from different angles, so if you have an interesting feature or leftfield ideal, why not hit us up on email.


Fancy penning reviews of the latest anime releases? Well then have we got news for you.  If you’re a writer who knows their Bleach from their Bebop, then we’d love to hear from you. For the time being, we’re only looking for UK-based writers due to time constraints, postage costs and DVD region codes.



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