• My favourite anime: Anohana

    For the latest installment of My Favourite Anime,  LofZOydssey waxes lyrical about Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. To read more of their anime writings, visit the [...]
  • Review: UQ Holder!

    Ten years after Negima?! abruptly ended little Negi Springfield’s magical training, UQ Holder! picks up eighty years on in the anime’s timeline. Instead, his grandson [...]
  • Review: Land of the Lustrous

    In its short lifespan, Studio Orange has produced a number of visually dynamic series, from Black Bullet to Norn9. But it was their 2017 adaptation of Haruko Ichikawa’s [...]
  • Review: BLAME!

    Anyone’s anxieties over the all-seeing eye of the Internet of Things are justified in BLAME!, a future in which the AI has assumed control, deems humans poisonous life [...]
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