The comfort and companionship of AI in anime

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In time, artificial intelligence could make our art, provide our services, and learn our means of thought. It will alter the nature of creativity, relationships and life itself. All while it slowly becomes invisible to the naked eye, walking among us as any other human would, their features and even micro-movements indivisible from our own. […]

AI could soon replace humans in anime studios

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Keisuke Iwata, president of Japanese TV network AT-X, recently discussed the likelihood of a transition to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in anime production. Speaking from decades of experience in the industry during a talk at Tokyo’s Digital Hollywood University, he went as far as to say, “It is fully conceivable that anime production processes may be […]

The new punks: updating the sci-fi of Ghost in the Shell

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Nineties nostalgia sees the collective consciousness turn to simpler times; the pre-digital age that was a cornerstone in speculative fiction. It was the decade that gave rise to the cyberpunk subgenre and its pluckier, more optimistic cousin – the Y2K aesthetic. Here, distant futures were exactly that, and the world we’ve evolved into is a […]