The pop team: our favourite four-panel anime

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The four-panel manga uses the most basic of frameworks to fire off gags at startling pace, as well as offering unexpected, haiku-like views into life’s little dramas. It’s all on that third step of what’s known as Kishoutenketsu structure; the climax, an unforeseen development. Like or loathe it, the web-yonkoma-turned-anime Pop […]

Idiots rule: our favourite anime dunderheads

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As someone a bit prone to airheadedness myself, I have a soft spot for characters who wear their fool’s colours with pride. Anime is packed with champions and their irreplaceable comrades who prove that having the fastest brain isn’t all-important in achieving your goals. As you’re about to see, a […]

Kitsch, canoodles and KFC: a Japanese Christmas in anime

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Christmas as a concept is young one in Japan, having only existed for the last few decades. It shows its shiny youthfulness in being a time spent spreading and sharing happiness with one another, bearing no current connection to religion with so few Christians in Japan – well under 3% […]