K-ON - Mio in the snow

Weekly round-up

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Wonder of wonders, we’ve had honest-to-goodness snow over here in Blighty! But we didn’t let that slow down our blogging game. You see, we’re just that dedicated to you guys. So we have a new Classics Corner, anime’s lessons in healthy social media use and, as always, our favourite posts from you. But before that, […]

Bakemonogatari manga art by Oh! great

Bakemonogatari gets manga adaptation from Air Gear artist Oh! great

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NisiOisin’s Bakemonogatari novel is getting a manga nine years in the wake of the anime’s release in 2009. But which artist could be up to such a surreal task? After a teaser and two weeks of keeping Twitter guessing, Kodansha revealed that Ito Ogure (alias Oh! great) of the Air Gear series is taking on […]

Vertical begin Bakemonogatari with 1st English volume in December

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Now the prequel novel Kizumonogatari is out in the world in English, publishers Vertical are getting ready to release the modern folklore mystery that first won our hearts. NisiOisin’s Bakemonogatari is stalking up fast, with Part 1: Monster Tale slated for December 20th. Part two will follow on February 28th, then part three will arrive on April 25th, all three […]

Review: Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

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Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie picks up the thread spun in the standalone Arise episode ‘Pyrophoric Cult’, which saw the nascent Section 9 coming to blows with the memory altering computer virus, Fire-Starter. It posited that Fire-Starter was the natural next leap in mankind’s evolution, a step beyond the integration of technology with […]

News: Professor adds Bakemonogatari as key text on Japanese Literature course

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To break down the perceived barriers between light novels and literature, Mashiro Hirose, a professor in Japanese Literature at the Aichi University of Education, has added NisiOisin’s Bakemonogatari to his curriculum. The module ‘Seminar on Japanese Literature’ will make reference to the first volume in the modern folklore mystery series Monogatari in teaching the basics of textual […]