crepe service in Is the Order a Rabbit?

The story of anime’s crêpe craze

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In anime land it often seems like every day is pancake day, with any old shopping excursion or school trip winding up at a crêpe stand. But each craving you’ve endured in seeing a mountain of whipped cream and strawberries bursting from its light, fluffy, comfortably handheld confines is all […]

The high life: drug use in anime

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Like all art, anime is a reflection of the society that bore it, a means to echo its beliefs, traditions and behaviours. But in isolation, art alone is not enough to decode an entire coutry and can instead present a skewed image of a nation. There seems to be this […]

Review: Humanity Has Declined – Complete Season One Collection

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By its own definition, the setting of Humanity Has Declined defies common sense. The episodes are collected in the wrong order, meaning the series feels mercurial, unfinished and contradictory. It’s difficult to get a sense of the setting, its logic, rules or politics, leaving the acutely observed satire floundering. But […]