Dragon Ball’s enduring generational appeal

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The influence of Star Wars is written large on the Dragon Ball franchise, coded into its visual aesthetic and space opera storytelling. For all of the shared tropes and visual cues, it’s the family saga facet that unites these two properties more than any other. Characters grow onscreen, sometimes in […]

Kids on the Slope

The odd couple: our favourite unlikely anime friendships

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Friendship doesn’t always make perfect sense on the surface. Many a time, it’s only in reflecting on where we’ve been and how we’ve grown together that we realise why our bonds have stayed so strong. Despite the ridiculous arguments and petty differences, the obstacles overcome keep true friends connected across […]

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn - Gogeta vs Janemba

Review: Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 6 – Fusion Reborn / Wrath of the Dragon

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A spiritual waste spill at the check-in point between Heaven and Hell sets the evil dead free to walk among the living. So commences this film duette’s final all-killer-no-filler flourish, beginning with Fusion Reborn in the last of the Dragon Ball Z Movie Collections. As the dearly departed, vampires and […]

Dragon Ball Z - Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan

Review: Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 5 – The Broly Trilogy

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It’s another day in Goku and Chi-Chi’s domestic bliss, stuck in the parents’ interview queue for private school admissions. It’s all Gohan’s mama can do to stop Daddy blabbing his penchant for punch-ups, thereby ruining his son’s chances of getting a better education. Perhaps it’s fortunate that the wrath of […]

Dad goals: our favourite anime fathers

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While I hadn’t envisioned becoming a father in my twenties, news of our expanding family has left me elated. Now I can’t wait for the little one to arrive on scene. They say becoming a parent changes the way you view the world, and already I’m watching father-child relationships in […]

Review: Dragon Ball Super – Season 1 Part 2

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The start of Dragon Ball Super arrived with such fanfare, fans could scarcely believe they’d be treated to the continuing screen adventures of Goku and co. While the reception was overwhelmingly positive, it was hard not to feel a little aggrieved with the first half of the inaugural season retelling […]

Idiots rule: our favourite anime dunderheads

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As someone a bit prone to airheadedness myself, I have a soft spot for characters who wear their fool’s colours with pride. Anime is packed with champions and their irreplaceable comrades who prove that having the fastest brain isn’t all-important in achieving your goals. As you’re about to see, a […]

Going gaga: our top five cutest anime babies

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They’re loveable, supremely snuggable, and the sweetest reminder of all the unconditional adoration we took for granted back when we were gurgling cherubs. But here’s to all the shameless, vicarious spoiling we’ll be foisting on our own precious bundle very soon. With our daughter on the way in two months’ […]