Review: Punch Line Season 1

With Punch Line, Studio MAPPA’s original comedy ecchi, there is a sense of the creative team throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. In the first episode alone there’s an obvious nod to the glut of superhero series we’re seeing coming out of Japan, and a blatant nod to Akira. But as the 12 episodes unfold, it becomes more and more apparent that … Continue reading Review: Punch Line Season 1

Bakuon!! and sisterhood as seen through shonen

Not all viewing seasons are created equally; the flurry of excitement surrounding one isn’t necessarily going to carry over to the next. And if we’re being completely honest, the number of essential or breakout shows each season (or even each year) can usually be counted on one hand. But what you can depend on is the recurrence of faithful tropes and set-ups, whether for better … Continue reading Bakuon!! and sisterhood as seen through shonen

Review: No Game No Life

Our world is one where, with a little charisma and ingenuity (plus a web connection) you can create a new version of yourself from ground zero, and use the anonymity of your real identity to make it seem as though it never existed. Shut-in siblings Sora and Shiro employ this opportunity to their utmost advantage by merging into one virtual being known only as Blank, … Continue reading Review: No Game No Life