Review: The Tatami Galaxy Collector’s Edition

So many series are inseparable from their visuals, using wildly differing animation styles to express their themes and ideas in complex and compelling ways. The Tatami Galaxy is an experiment in style; a non-linear and multi-branching adventure into the human condition – love, loss and, um, strange sexuality. Comparing its visuals to any other single series is folly, being as it is more an amalgam … Continue reading Review: The Tatami Galaxy Collector’s Edition

Review: Flowers of Evil

The pervert in anime has long been the outcast, the oddity, the butt of the slapstick joke, but in Shūzō Oshimi’s Flowers of Evil, that quality is an inescapable element in everyone’s psyche. In the small town of Kiryu in the Gunma Prefecture, perversion is the fount of suffering, and it seems to Takao Kasuga that no-one feels this truth more keenly than him. He’s … Continue reading Review: Flowers of Evil