Poem: Divine intervention

  God-like and fragile, the boy Shun gave his lips to man and woman, whose touch he knew but couldn’t handle. Spectral in darkness in wait, him awake and slumbered, living yet lifeless, nothing and other. Brave Shun behind his white mask, a doll’s face devoid of all but the blankest expression, serenity of surrender. Born of fear and martyred this poor boy who loved … Continue reading Poem: Divine intervention

Revolutionary Girl Utena

All for love: five heroic queer couples in anime

Some loves show us the kind of acceptance we should display to everyone; selfless and open-hearted, without fear or pride. As two people who have each been afraid to express our identities, these queer couples define how we want to embrace ourselves and others. With our daughter close to coming into the world, it means so much to us that she knows she shouldn’t be … Continue reading All for love: five heroic queer couples in anime

The ‘greed’ of Grell and bisexuality in anime

Grell Sutcliff, the supposed Burnett butler who unveils his true sexual identity in a brilliant red rush of flamboyance, would probably be considered gay by most. That is, if not for his blood-soaked love affair with Ciel Phantomhive’s dear aunt, Madam Red. Never mind that Black Butler is set in the Victorian era, where the “gross indecency” of homosexuality was barely whispered of, and bisexuality … Continue reading The ‘greed’ of Grell and bisexuality in anime

Fear of children in From the New World

So binary is our design, that in order to quell the innate anger, aggression and violence at the centre of our species, a failsafe was written across the infinite tides of our subconscious. This is the fundamental structure on which the tenuous utopia at the heart of From the New World is built. The thematically dense and explicit exploration of the human condition was first … Continue reading Fear of children in From the New World