New Game! and the trouble with women in tech

Fresh out of high school, Aoba Suzukaze lands a dream job at the game studio she’s admired since childhood, Eagle Jump. Clearly the studio saw a spark of the exceptional, hiring her off the bat with no apparent experience in game design, something unimaginable here in England, or the further western world for that matter. Set as part of a wider environment that has a near … Continue reading New Game! and the trouble with women in tech

Review: No Game No Life

Our world is one where, with a little charisma and ingenuity (plus a web connection) you can create a new version of yourself from ground zero, and use the anonymity of your real identity to make it seem as though it never existed. Shut-in siblings Sora and Shiro employ this opportunity to their utmost advantage by merging into one virtual being known only as Blank, … Continue reading Review: No Game No Life