Hakumei and Mikochi

Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

If only the Earth’s generosity could be considered enough for each day to be fruitful, we might be able to live in Hakumei and Mikochi’s world. It is this understated utopia, a dream of smaller aspirations, which loops between the show’s contained stories and crafts its moral of simple contentment, piece by piece. In all Hakumei and Mikochi’s titular little folk set out to do, … Continue reading Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

Poem: Even the smallest things

  Hidden, the forest floor bejewelled in fallen leaves and berries, more beautiful from the bottom peering up, than above. The verdant trees hang dream-like speared in sunshine and spotlight the trails through the tall grass travelled by beetle-back and carriage. A wizened owl watches while the sly cat sells its wares in the market square where even the smallest things take form and dream. Continue reading Poem: Even the smallest things