The pop team: our favourite four-panel anime

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The four-panel manga uses the most basic of frameworks to fire off gags at startling pace, as well as offering unexpected, haiku-like views into life’s little dramas. It’s all on that third step of what’s known as Kishoutenketsu structure; the climax, an unforeseen development. Like or loathe it, the web-yonkoma-turned-anime Pop Team Epic uses the four steps […]

Event: Life and work of late seiyu Miyu Matsuki celebrated with charity event

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The much-missed voice actor Miyu Matsuki passed away in October 2015, with lymphoma caused by a rare case of chronic active Epstein-Barr virus (CAEBV) taking her life at the age of only 38. If she had lived she would now be 39, and in memoriam of that fact, her friends and colleagues are running the […]

Review: Hidamari Sketch Series One Collection

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The first few episodes of Hidamari Sketch don’t give a lot to go on as to why to keep watching, or where the series is going. Based on a four-panel strip manga by Ume Aoki, that same sparseness of animation and themes is present in the simplistically designed, almost creepy-looking rooms with the odd object […]