French manga Radiant adapted as educational anime

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An educational anime series based on the French comic Radiant by Tony Lavente has been announced by NHK for this October. The story will follow headstrong young magician Seth on his journey to greatness, hoping to defeat the monsters called Nemesis to cement his power. He joins a troupe of witches with the same goal, […]


Guardian, neighbour, trickster: aspects of the anime faery

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Wee folk, fair folk, good folk. Faeries travel under many guises and by many names, the mischievous gatekeepers of nature’s small and secret realms of nature. But in all their forms they are irresistible, and humanity’s unified wondering about these oft-invisible beings is no less present in anime. In the latest instalment of our series […]

Review: Humanity Has Declined – Complete Season One Collection

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By its own definition, the setting of Humanity Has Declined defies common sense. The episodes are collected in the wrong order, meaning the series feels mercurial, unfinished and contradictory. It’s difficult to get a sense of the setting, its logic, rules or politics, leaving the acutely observed satire floundering. But viewed in the correct order, […]