Kiznaiver - Maki and Ruru

Only a phase: doomed queerness in anime

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Queerness in anime is pure, poetic, an indiscretion amidst the self-questioning and humiliation of high school. That is also where it must end, so it would seem in many manga and anime. The tragedy of having loved someone who perhaps shares your feelings, perhaps not, passes into the locked treasure […]

Anime Love

Lyrics for lovers: our favourite anime love songs

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Sometimes, just a few lyrics can perfectly encapsulate something you never even knew you wanted to say. A song shared with someone you love can tie those words or that melody to that person for life, no matter the time or distance apart. Through this same power, music can give […]

Growing pains: the philosophy of Kiznaiver

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Kiznaiver follows a group of high school students who are chosen to be a part of an experimental program which creates bonds between people by forcing them to share each other’s pain.  White haired and vacant, Katsuhira “Kacchon” Agata lives a half-life, neither fully present or entirely withdrawn, numb to […]

Top 10 anime of 2016

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Here we are again, at the end of another year, albeit one filled with political and social upheaval and a sad spate of celebrity deaths. But it also brought a tour de force of new anime titles to get stuck into, with more than a few classics in the making. […]

Bakuon!! and sisterhood as seen through shonen

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Not all viewing seasons are created equally; the flurry of excitement surrounding one isn’t necessarily going to carry over to the next. And if we’re being completely honest, the number of essential or breakout shows each season (or even each year) can usually be counted on one hand. But what […]