Review: Claymore – Collector’s Edition

As a young girl, Clare was held prisoner by a body-snatching Yoma, forced to travel with him through village and town as a shield against monster hunters. She had become so tortured and withdrawn that she couldn’t speak. The day she met Teresa, she saw the same pain in her eyes and tried to comfort her, even as the townspeople looked on in silent dread. … Continue reading Review: Claymore – Collector’s Edition

Review: Death Note

It’s difficult to imagine that Death Note is celebrating its 10th anniversary, crystallised as a modern classic before its 39-episode run had even finished airing. The series might be closer to the turn of the century than not, but its themes and struggles remain unquestionably relevant – a fact helped in no small part by this impressive Blu-ray release. Death Note was a cultural milestone, … Continue reading Review: Death Note

Perfect Blue and the fallacies of fandom

Perfect Blue presents a hallucinatory puzzle box that’s at once a disparaging, Hitchcockian exploration of celebrity culture, a look at fragmented identity and the nature of self, and a thesis on the encroachment of digital technology in the nineties techno-boom. Satoshi Kon’s celebrated animated thriller, based loosely on Yoshikazu Takeuchi’s novel, Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis, has continued to gather weight since its release in 1997 … Continue reading Perfect Blue and the fallacies of fandom