Bakuon!! and sisterhood as seen through shonen

Not all viewing seasons are created equally; the flurry of excitement surrounding one isn’t necessarily going to carry over to the next. And if we’re being completely honest, the number of essential or breakout shows each season (or even each year) can usually be counted on one hand. But what you can depend on is the recurrence of faithful tropes and set-ups, whether for better … Continue reading Bakuon!! and sisterhood as seen through shonen

Review: Oreimo Series One

Finding an eroge squirreled away in an anime DVD box befuddles Kyōsuke Kosaka. As far as he knows, it doesn’t gel with anyone in his household. But though she’s avoided suspicion for some time, when faced with the offending article, his little sister Kirino can’t conceal her embarrassment. Since he’s already caught the gist of her hobby, she figures she may as well unload her … Continue reading Review: Oreimo Series One