The everyday heroism of anime’s non-binary characters

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In a medium as varied in voice as any other, the fight is on for anime creators to defend the right for gender non-binary (NB) people to be beautiful, proud and not just the shattered screw-ups on the sidelines. Though they may seem the buried few, there are more titles […]

Dad goals: our favourite anime fathers

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While I hadn’t envisioned becoming a father in my twenties, news of our expanding family has left me elated. Now I can’t wait for the little one to arrive on scene. They say becoming a parent changes the way you view the world, and already I’m watching father-child relationships in […]

My Favourite Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

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For the latest in our My Favourite Anime series, Sandra over at Japan Reviewer argues Ouran High School Host Club can more than hold its own against anime’s top dogs. If you weren’t a fan before reading, then you’ll be a convert by the end. The intro music might sound like […]