The high life: drug use in anime

Like all art, anime is a reflection of the society that bore it, a means to echo its beliefs, traditions and behaviours. But in isolation, art alone is not enough to decode an entire coutry and can instead present a skewed image of a nation. There seems to be this shared assumption that Japan doesn’t have a drug problem, that its cultural conformity is a … Continue reading The high life: drug use in anime

Manga review: Her Impact! #0

Seldom seen in mainstream circles, writer Mikel Miles is fast becoming one of underground comic’s most important new voices. Having hit a home run with his Samurai Shin series, blending anime aesthetics, slick storytelling and a hip hop soundtrack, Miles is back with a new demo manga – Her Impact! Like its predecessor, the Toronto native uses the trappings of anime and manga to weave … Continue reading Manga review: Her Impact! #0