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Revival reveries: our top five anime that need a sequel

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Who would have thought we’d be hanging out with Cardcaptor Sakura again, after all this time? It’s a special feeling to be reunited with a show and characters that meant so much to so many of us in our younger otaku years. The trouble is, this ecstatic return has opened […]

Top 10 anime of 2016

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Here we are again, at the end of another year, albeit one filled with political and social upheaval and a sad spate of celebrity deaths. But it also brought a tour de force of new anime titles to get stuck into, with more than a few classics in the making. […]

Seven Rules for Happiness: our anime take on Shigeru Mizuki’s wisdom

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Even after surviving World War II, beloved manga artist Shigeru Mizuki always kept his verve in both life and creativity. As you might expect, such a life left a wise imprint, but when he passed away last year at the age of 93, he left us with the lingering enchantment of […]