Sailor Moon Crystal - Uranus and Neptune

Love, acceptance, anime: an LGBT History Month round-up

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This LGBT History Month brought the whole aniblogging community together to celebrate queerness in anime. LGBTQ inclusion and acceptance is a matter that’s close and personal to both of us here at the blog, and so we’ve experienced many wonderful moments in sharing this month with all of you. Thank […]

Kiznaiver - Maki and Ruru

Only a phase: doomed queerness in anime

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Queerness in anime is pure, poetic, an indiscretion amidst the self-questioning and humiliation of high school. That is also where it must end, so it would seem in many manga and anime. The tragedy of having loved someone who perhaps shares your feelings, perhaps not, passes into the locked treasure […]

History makers: a Yuri!!! on ICE round-up

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It’s been just over a month since the final episode of Yuri!!! on ICE, but we’re missing it already, and we know heaps of you are too. To ease the Yuri, Yurio and Victor-shaped voids in all our lives, we thought we’d look back over the joy they brought us through […]

Event: Get a skating education from Yuri!!! on ICE choreographer and voice actors

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Kenji Miyamoto, the fabulous figure-skating choreographer who stepped out the dances of Yuri!!! on ICE, will be teaching fans about the sport at an upcoming event. Alongside three-time Grand Prix Final medal-winning skater Akiko Suzuki, he will host Yuri!!! on ICE ~Figure Skate o 100-Bai Tanoshimu Shuchu Kogi~, featuring footage from the […]

Victory on ice: why Yuri!!! on ICE deserves to be Anime of the Year

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On Saturday, Yuri!!! on ICE was pronounced Anime of the Year in Crunchyroll’s first ever Anime Awards. But while voters and non-voters alike celebrated its win, certain people got a bit upset. Some said it didn’t deserve the acclaim, and that if not for its gay main characters, it wouldn’t […]

Top 10 anime of 2016

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Here we are again, at the end of another year, albeit one filled with political and social upheaval and a sad spate of celebrity deaths. But it also brought a tour de force of new anime titles to get stuck into, with more than a few classics in the making. […]