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  • Ten years after Negima?! abruptly ended little Negi Springfield’s magical training, UQ Holder! picks up eighty years on in the anime’s timeline. Instead, his grandson Tota Konoe steps into his mage’s shoes and joins the UQ Holder, a secret organisation of superheroic immortals. A simple enough set-up, but it nonetheless

  • In its short lifespan, Studio Orange has produced a number of visually dynamic series, from Black Bullet to Norn9. But it was their 2017 adaptation of Haruko Ichikawa’s manga Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni) that would prove to be their most audacious and sumptuous-looking series to date. History

  • Anyone’s anxieties over the all-seeing eye of the Internet of Things are justified in BLAME!, a future in which the AI has assumed control, deems humans poisonous life forms and becomes the epitome of our worst mistakes. Humans had begun to construct cavernous cities, presumably after the surface world became

  • Takumi Fujiwara didn’t know if he even wanted to be a racer when he won his first downhill drag against Keisuke Takahashi of the formidable Akagi RedSuns. Hell, he only struck a deal for his trusty 8-6 auto so he could go out on a date with his best girl.

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  • I wish I could have been a bit more like Rin when I was her age. She knows solitude doesn’t have to mean loneliness, or boredom, or helplessness. Getting away for a solo camping trip gives her time and space to reflect, warm up by the cheering light of a

  • A departure from the monochrome and long shadows of film noir, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens is an exuberant and vividly animated crime show. It’s set in a city with a disproportionate number of hitmen organisations and business is booming. The neon lights blur and bleed, and the city comes alive to

  • If only the Earth’s generosity could be considered enough for each day to be fruitful, we might be able to live in Hakumei and Mikochi’s world. It is this understated utopia, a dream of smaller aspirations, which loops between the show’s contained stories and crafts its moral of simple contentment,

  • The connections we make in life, however powerful, rarely run parallel. Instead, a network of experiences intersect and part ways time and again. We will all feel the shock of leaving home, or saying goodbye to old friends, setting out on a path where the end point is indeterminable. A

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  • For the latest installment of My Favourite Anime,  LofZOydssey waxes lyrical about Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. To read more of their anime writings, visit the website, follow on Twitter and Facebook. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Anohana) was brilliant. It’s one of the best anime I

  • In this installment of My Favourite Anime, Stephanie of Dear Anime shares why she loves Paradise Kiss for its profound character arcs and lessons in failure. Sometimes, reality is more mysterious than fiction. This show teaches us how to ride the waves. I love anime for its kaleidoscope of worlds—each at

  • Welcome back, friends and readers. Long time no see! While we're still out of action, Michael of Anime Zeal is on the case, with his statement of defence for Psycho-Pass as an anime masterpiece. Psycho-Pass is a psychological thriller and science fiction anime based on the original work of Gen Urobuchi. It

  • Here to rescue us from our blog hiatus blues is Alex of The Afictionado in another installment of My Favourite Anime. She introduces us to the dizzy, dramatic tangle of ToraDora! and gets us all nostalgic over finding that one perfect anime for our school years. There’s a certain giddy rush

  • For our latest in our ongoing My Favourite Anime series, Florida-based indie rock outfit SNOWMOON regale us with their love of Attack on Titan and its complex badass Annie Leonhardt. Be sure to check out the band's website, Facebook and Bandcamp. The last name “Leonhardt” is not an easy one